The CT Scan is an amazing machine, capable of viewing inside the human body without any cutting; producing hundreds of 2D cross-sectional slices of the human body from head to toe.
CTScan Slices
In a court room presentation, showing 2D slices to explain an injury to the jury is often inefficient or worse, confusing. A more clear, concise, understandable explanation is easily demonstrated with a 3D model or image.
Give your client the benefit of the 3rd dimension
Purdy Imaging can extract 3D information from any CT scan and subsequently be presented in a user-friendly way that juries can easily relate to. We are able process the 2D slices and construct a 3D image or a 3D model
Heart Model
A recent study by NIH demonstrates the efficacy of 3D Imagery used in court:
"Evidence presented within a courtroom should be clear so that the members of the jury can understand it. The presentation of distressing images, such as human remains, can have a negative effect on the jury since photographic images may evoke emotional responses. Therefore, it is important to understand how other visual mediums may improve comprehension, bias, or distress individuals. For this study, 91 individuals were randomly assigned one of three visual evidence formats in a mock courtroom exercise. These included photographs, 3D visualisations, or a 3D-printed model. The results show that the use of 3D imaging improves the juror’s understanding of technical language used within a courtroom, which in turn better informs the juror’s in their decision-making."

Applications include:
Jurist Presentation for Court
Client Education.
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